Computing devices are everywhere these days, and people have to use laptops and desktops for digital operations. They love to use PCs connected to cyberspace to perform browsing activities. Moreover, government and private organizations have to provide laptops and desktop devices to their employees for productivity. 

Parents also provide computing devices to kids for educational activities. So, what’s wrong with the different communities that desperately want to spy on windows computers remotely? They also want to install windows spy software without access to the target device.

Is it impossible to install the windows spy app remotely!

Yes, it is! You cannot install spy software for windows on the target laptop device unless you got physical access to the target device. Remote installation of spy software on windows PC is not possible yet. You don’t trust the brands that are offering remote installation for PCs. You have to have physical access to the laptop device to download and install the monitoring application. 

How does window spy app be installed? 

There is a simple and step by steps process you need to know to install windows spying software on the target desktop device. You should know that physical access is necessary to install windows spy on any computing device. Do you want to install a spy app on windows? Let’s get to know about the steps by step process given below.

Step1: Get a Windows monitoring software subscription

You can use your phone or PC browser and visit the official webpage of TheOneSpy. Moreover, go to the solutions, and tap on windows spy software.  You can read the information about the product and visit the buy now page and get the subscription. You will get the credentials through your email and check your inbox.

Step2: Physical access on windows desktop or Laptop

You have to get physical access to the desktop device to execute the installation process, and when you have done it successfully, you can activate the spy app on the target device. It is time to go through the dashboard of windows surveillance software.

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Step3: Activate web portal & activate windows spy features

Use the password and ID you have received earlier and access the PC monitoring solution online dashboard. Users can access the web control panel and activate the features to monitor data from the target PC. 

Top Features of windows spy solution you need to know 

Windows surveillance software has the following features that you can use on the target device to monitor and track the data on Windows PCs. Let’s read about the most powerful features to spy on windows PCs to the fullest. 

On-demand screenshots

Users can capture screenshots of windows laptops by activating the on-demand screenshots feature and sync data to the web control panel. You can watch what kids are doing on the target PC’s screen. You can schedule plenty of screenshots and get the data via the dashboard.

Window screen recording

You can record live PC screens and record live videos using windows screen recorder software. It empowers you to record back-to-back videos of the computer screen and deliver the data to the dashboard.  

Surround recording

End users can record live surround chats and conversations on the target PC surroundings using surround recording software. You can take over the target device and microphone of the laptop device to listen to the voices, sounds, and voice chats in your surroundings.

Browsing History

Users can access the dashboard, and you can use windows monitoring software. Further, visit the installed browsers on the target PC. You can go to the websites and bookmarked web pages with the schedule.

Block websites

Users can block the websites that they think are inappropriate, and you can send the URLs of the websites into the filters.

Activity logs

Window spy online dashboard empowers you to access the target windows PC, and you can watch logs of every activity you have performed on the target laptop and desktop device.

Live camera spy

Users can hack the camera of the target laptop PC and then capture photos to know what they are doing on the windows device.


TheOneSpy Windows spy is the best solution for users to monitor and track any PC remotely. However, you have to install the application having physical access to the target device.