5 Social Media Marketing Agencies for 2022

  1. BrandLyft

Do you operate in a niche market such as finance or real estate? BrandLyft can be the company comprar seguidores twitter that will help build your brand’s profile for you.

BrandLyft was founded with a single goal to help businesses and entrepreneurs from Cartersville, Georgia. Cartersville, Georgia area, connect to their customers and implement business strategies to expand beyond and enhance the customer experience.

The agency collaborates in partnership with realtors and salon owners, insurance brokers, loan officers, home builders, small businesses, financial services, and much more. Even better? They have clients who believe in customer-centric marketing strategies that blend strategy, imagination, and high energy. This agency can be fast by studying and developing brand lifting strategies to meet the needs of a specific group of clients that are unique every day.

The BrandLyft team interacts with you in three distinct ways:

Training and consultation – you receive the small business guidance you need to develop.

Management of campaigns ranging starting with lead generation and the management of advertising campaigns on social media and digital.

After a foundation for your marketing is set by you, BrandLyft tests your strategies to determine how they perform for you.

You can also request an offer for free to receive your competitor information, optimization strategies, and much more!

  1. One 10 Media

One 10 Media

The addition of exciting features such as chatbots on your site could be complicated if you’re unfamiliar with how it operates. Organizations like One 10 Media will do the heavy lifting to ensure that you can reap the rewards.

One 10 Media specializes in the art of conversational marketing. This company creates bots and ads for e-commerce and directly to consumers to meet their sales targets. As an Agencies Partner and a Messenger Marketing Expert, the agency is sure to know a thing or two about implementing chatbots in businesses.

One 10 Media also manages, optimizes, and creates Facebook and email campaigns to a rapid scale to ensure you get the highest ROI.

Established by the creator Mike Gleba, the masterminds behind this agency are aware of the potential that Messenger apps have. Many users are using them each day. Users use messenger apps greater than social networks. They want to speak directly to their preferred brands. If this is the goal you have set for your company, One 10 Media is the company you should partner with.

  1. Rainfactory


The best ideas are a great way to go, and tested ideas are the key to growth. Rain Factory is an award-winning agency that makes the best ideas come to life. Accredited with WordPress, Facebook, Google Adwords, Amazon Advertising, and many more, Rain Factory has a significant influence on the internet.

Rain Factory is a full-service digital agency that functions as an in-house marketing department for growing brands. They offer a range of performance marketing solutions for e-commerce apps and corporate brands. They connect people and their products by utilizing end-to-end online marketing and advertising methods. The top-ranked agency has been focused on product launch crowdfunding and early-stage growth marketing for start-ups since 2014.

What exactly has Rain Factory accomplished? Let the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Over 29+ launches led to more than $1 million in sales.
  • First-quarter sales for the new products launched in their client-focused campaigns have reached just over $100 million.
  • The company has seen a 40-100 percent increase in gross revenue year after year.
  • Services include, but are not limited to:
  • Research into the market and positioning
  • Ad Creative and Web Design
  • Google and YouTube Advertising
  • Influencer Outreach and Public Relations

Social Community Management

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The top brands on the internet trust Rainfactory’s expertise in pay-per-click online marketing, optimization of conversion rates, and strategic management.

Rain Factory bridges the gap between product and person by providing clarity, direction, and reach. Based on data and testing. We help your business get into the right spot at the appropriate time. They’re a full-service marketing agency that knows the online business, consumer behavior, and the essential factors that assist you in scaling.

  1. MediaBoostr


Facebook is, without doubt, the biggest social media platform on earth, with more than 2.6 billion daily users. This is a billion-plus letter B. If you’re looking to expand your marketing skills on the most well-known social media platform, MediaBoostr is who you should contact.

MediaBoostr is a full-funnel advertisement agency that tackles the most difficult challenges in performance marketing. Their skilled team of Facebook experts has backgrounds in design, computer science production, tech, and psychology. They tackle attribution issues within Facebook, identify the fastest expanding audience segments, and create outstanding creative campaigns that are a thumbs-up. A Trusted Facebook Marketing Partner, MediaBoostr provides innovative performance-based marketing. They help build value for DTC lifestyle brands through creative and multimedia, the latest data available in the mobile-first era.

The agency is one of the few high-performance agencies that collaborate directly with Facebook. They employ AI to make it easier to navigate the ever-changing technology of marketing and advertising and their clientele. They are also highly transparent. Customers will always know the location where their money will be in their advertising spend.

Are you still not convinced? MediaBoostr has managed millions of Instagram and Facebook ads, with an impressive return on investment.

  1. AdVenture Media Group

AdVenture Media Group

AdVenture Media takes its clients on an unforgettable journey. AdVenture is a distinct Adwords Management Company and PPC Management Company employed by over 555 service and online retail firms. The primary goal for every client is to help make online marketing more profitable.

Since it was discovered inside an old recliner in an apartment that was a single bedroom in the middle of the night in 2013. AdVenture Media offers:

Search and Social Media Paid to Google Ads and more

Conversion rate research to increase the conversion rate of clients

Individualized consultation for individuals and teams

One of the main characteristics unique to Adventure Media is how transparent they are. There is a need for transparency in any organization; however, what distinguishes AdVenture different from the other agencies is the level of detail they go into about their transparency. Through regular review meetings, The group will make sure that they get your input on the strategies they use for you. This is to gather information from you about how the campaigns are performing. Communication is essential to the success of campaigns for AdVenture Media. The more communication and brain power there is, the better the drives will be able to perform.

We are the AdVenture Media team, bringing the experience and expertise in advertising and digital knowledge to the marketplace. Yet, you’ll be aware of your company and the distinctive behavioral characteristics of your customers better than we do.