The year before, we took a page from Rand Fishkin’s book and came up with a set of online marketing forecasts for 2015. We’re at the end of the year again, and just like Rand is doing, we’ll evaluate our predictions before when we make a Nostradamus prediction for the future.

Here’s the scale of grading we came up with within the last year’s post:

Oracle (+2) Oracle (+2) – when we’re right, it’s like we were channeling that lovely woman from The Matrix

Oracle Training (+1) We didn’t see the whole image, but we saw the future

Clean As Mud (0) We were not wrong; however, we weren’t wrong also.

Just A Little Outside (-1) We attempted to paint the edge of the plate, but the ump wouldn’t let us know the answer.

Swing and A Miss (-2) – We weren’t even close, like a batter who is expecting a speed but is hit with an arc.

In 2015, we came up with five predictions for the year. We also offered donuts to our office if we were wrong. Let’s look to see if there’s a visit for a trip to Tim Hortons in our future:

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#1: Honesty and Transparency will be Strategically implemented and measured

Grade: +1

This is a bit difficult to grade when you look back, but we’re still learning, so let us cut ourselves some space! Analyzing whether companies are measuring transparency statistically isn’t exactly a good idea, so it’s not right to get an award for this.

In reality, transparency was an enormous focus in all marketing industries in 2015. If marketers promote authenticity and honesty for themselves, they’re likely selling it to their customers.

Entrepreneurs, Forbes, and AdAge all discussed the importance of transparency and openness to marketing, so we’re taking some points to make this prediction.

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# 2: Global Social Ad Spending will increase by more than two Billion dollars in 2015

Grade: +2

We had predicted that this would be a simple prediction, and it was. As we’re all new, we’d like to have some long-lasting fruit to help us achieve something.

Is that transparency? eMarketer predicts that the global amount of social media advertising will be $23 billion by the end of the year, an increase of close to $5 billion over 2014.

Digital marketing is a way to grow.

#3: Google+ Won’t Die

Grade: 0

This one is as clear as dirt. Like the previous season, many users believe that Google+ is dead. This happens each time Google is trying to position or modify the service.

Indeed, Google+ didn’t usurp Facebook or Twitter, and, since that was the initial goal, the platform has not succeeded in multiple ways.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s gone. We’re not comfortable making predictions based on this one. We won’t take the risk of taking a loss either. If you’re looking for deep research about Google+, this is the most informative article we could find.

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4 “Mobile Content” Or “Non-Traditional Content” Is Going to Be The Most Popular buzzword in digital marketing

Grade: -1

It’s time for us to go down. There are more than 18 million Google results on search related to “content marketing” this is the term we used as a benchmark for a buzzword in digital marketing. Because “mobile content” is averaging 1 million Google results, it’s appropriate that we miss one point in this instance.

Measurable digital marketing.

5. Technology experts will gain a foothold in Marketing Departments (which will reflect in job statistics)

Grade: +2

This represents an increase of 10% in the employment of marketing technologists in a single industry which is why we’ll give full marks to this forecast. The increase in posts for marketing technologists through LinkedIn, Monster, Craigslist, and other job sites is already in progress.

Final Score +4

Not bad for our first batch of Digital marketing predictions. What does this mean? Donuts. Donuts for everyone at the office. Huzzah!

The predictions of our oracle strength for 2021 indicate that we’ve got work to complete to replicate our 2022Q success; therefore, let’s get to this with five more predictions:

Website traffic

#1: People Will Begin to drop” Digital Marketing “Digital” from “Digital Marketing.”

I’m not sure exactly how we’ll measure this. However, it should begin to happen because it’s logical. Are there still any on the planet who doesn’t believe that digital is an integral component of any marketing plan?

We definitely would like to think so, but the truth is that there are plenty of individuals and companies aware that their marketing strategy is still in the past. The only way to teach stragglers is to let them go to their own devices.

We’ll look through blog posts, results from searches, and social feeds to determine if “digital” is implied when people talk about” marketing” or even write “marketing.”

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#2: Mobile Payments Adoption Rates Are Set to be able to see a significant rise

With reports that show 80 percent of AppleWatch users at the very least testing Apple Pay, we feel certain that the use of mobile payments is set to explode.

This isn’t a difficult decision to make, and considering mobile How to add yourself to Google? payments right now could put you ahead of the curve and is a reasonable prediction that it’s already a reality. The people with access to mobile payments love it, and that’s a sure indicator that once it’s an option in more locations, it will begin to become a reality.

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3. Content Marketing is Going to continue to grow – in every way

Job names. Spending dollars. Percentage of marketing spending. Results of a search. Instagram creator studio  The year 2016 is when content marketing is expected to continue to grow in every way that you can imagine.

We’ll be more aggressive in this area as well; in the coming year, if we don’t find statistics that demonstrate at least three different ways in which content marketing has increased, then give us 2 points.

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4. Ads are set to Be More Pervasive

I asked a coworker at work, Lee Scott, to examine the future of marketing in his crystal ball. He stated, “We’ll soon be served ads as we drive in self-driving vehicles.”

I initially thought that the forecast was too far-fetched for 2016 (even though How to use Social Media as a Pro? self-driving vehicles are already a reality). Still, later, on my commute in the evening, I realized that the forecast ideas were spot exactly.

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When I refer to “realized,” I’m talking about what Lee stated was happening. Indeed, I don’t own an autonomous car and commute. However, I use a traffic application known as Waze. Sometimes, it shows ads on the lower part of my screen.

It’s not a surprise that ads are getting more ubiquitous, and this trend is expected to continue into 2016. ads are constantly surfacing while we browse the Internet.

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They appear on our feeds on social media. They are displayed on our apps. They’re certainly less irritating because they’re targeted and more personal. However, they’re not going away, and they’ll discover new ways to enthrall us with their presence in 2016.

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#5 Predictive Content Tools will drastically improve

In May, we published an article on how you can use algorithms How to find more keywords opportunity for your blogs?  for predictive analysis to make quality content. Although the technology is intriguing, it’s not “there.” But it will, and most likely, very soon.

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The ability to discern what types of content are likely to perform well before they are written can be a major competitive advantage for businesses that can use the power of technology. Best Search Engine Optimization, SMO, PPC & SMM Services in USA | JKM Soft Solutions In 2016, we’ll see the predictive content tools advance to a point where companies can begin to benefit from.

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‘Til 2022

We’ll limit it to five predictions because it was able to work successfully in 2015. We’ll see if we can harness the power of the oracle! Keep in mind that we’ll be returning in twelve months to review these predictions and look at the coming year and beyond.

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