In this blog, we are going to tell you about the correct process with which you can connect your airpods with your Macbook. It is a very simple procedure so, follow these steps for pairing AirPods with a MacBook.

Steps to Connect your Airpods to Macbook

Before you know how to connect AirPods to an apple laptop you should remember that for this your AirPods should not be connected with your iPhone or any other device.

    Open the charging case of your Airpods but do not take the airpods out.
    Now, long-press the button that is present on the back of the case till the light starts to flash.
    Then, you have to start your Mac and go to the ‘System Preferences’ tab from the Apple menu.
    You will see the Bluetooth option on which you have to click to share audio airpods macbook.
    Open the Bluetooth section and look for your AirPods from all the devices present there and then click the ‘Connect’ option.
    When the Airpods are connected, they will appear at the top of the list and you can use them without any difficulty.

This is the correct procedure with which you can connect your AirPods with your Macbook. As you see, connecting airpods pro to macbook is a very simple process and you can do this on your Apple laptop by this process. Hope you have understood this process completely and connect your AirPods to the Macbook to enjoy different things on your laptop.

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