Do you want to hide messages on your iPhone and you are looking for how to hide text conversations on iPhone then you are at the right place as in this blog we are going tell you about the same. 

First and the most basic way, to hide your messages is to turn off the alert for the messages by following the given steps. 

  1. After you are on the settings option you need to look for notifications and then click on it. 
  2. Now, you have to scroll down and select messages and then under messages you need to see the options and turn it to never; this means you can now hide message as there will be no notification when the screen is locked. 

There are several apps as well which can help the users to hide the messages they want so let us move ahead to see the apps to hide text messages iPhone. 

Apps to use to hide messages on iPhone – 

  1. Cover me 

This app contains private texting, along with private file sharing, private vault, etc which are going to preserve your privacy for you. You need to set a password for the same so that only you are able to access the hidden things. 

   2. I discrete 

Another app which provides complete privacy as it will help you to hide anything you want like text messages, images, videos, etc. and is password protected as well so that only you can use it. 

 3.  Wickr me

This end to end encrypted app will also help you to hide the text messages you want to. 

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