You switch on the TV and you see more advertisements than the series. You open your social media feed and every second post you see is a sponsored post. You visit a temple and whatever stuff you buy has a picture of the respective deity. You go to Bali and you see all the t-shirts preaching the scenic beach of Bali. The point is, this is a world of advertisement. Every organization, individual, institution, group, professional and literally everyone knowingly or unknowingly is doing marketing. So the question is you also marketing yourself correctly?

Just like manufacturing, sales and finance, marketing is also an evergreen industry. It’s not that a business can’t run without marketing, but ignoring it can lead to closing down the shop sooner or later. In the past few decades marketing has come out to be the most lucrative industry inviting millions of applicants yearly. And the marketing courses like MBA and PGDM have seen a boom too. Marketing also constitutes a huge percentage of students going for their master’s abroad. So if you find any student from Mumbai University or Delhi University applying for their Mumbai University transcript or Delhi university transcript and applying for certificate attestations, then you can pretty easily guess they are probably going for their master’s in management. If not management, then the second choice will be MS. What I am trying to say is, that all business requires a lot of marketing. And the more creative you are the better your chances to get the job you want.

Not only for companies, organizations or institutions, but marketing is needed at the individual level too. Marketing at an individual level? Confused? Well, do you know your resume or CV is just another marketing piece? The more value it has, the more there are chances that a recruiter wills shortlist it. Do one thing, open LinkedIn and visit whichever profile you like. You can see a lot of creativity in which the people market themselves. Some are professional, some are funny, and some are just random. Individual marketing is important not only professionally but personally too. Imagine a boy looking for a girl to marry. You will love the way they market themselves. You can see them boasting about their profession, their character, their personality. The girl realizes the real product at least a couple of years later though. Pun aside, therefore, we advise you to take a pause and think if you are marketing yourself correctly.

The main thing to note about marketing is, that it comes from within. You need to know the purpose. You need to know the process and finally, you need to align the process with the purpose to get the result. Graduating from Mumbai University, applying for a master’s from a foreign university with your Mumbai University transcript with full certificates attestation won’t guarantee you will do exceptional marketing. Therefore, decide what do you want to market yourself for, marriage, job, colleges, job promotion, or whatever reason it is and formulate the perfect strategy. And rest assured you will be marketing yourself correctly.