OnePlus Nord 2: 4 reasons to get it and 3 good reasons to avoid this smartphone 

OnePlus returned to the mid-range segment of smartphones by launching the OnePlus Nord. It was a budget-friendly smartphone by a premium brand with decent specs. Thus, the phone quickly was a hit on the market. 

The company has launched its successor, the OnePlus Nord 2. Much like its predecessor the latest mid-range phone by the company offers good features at a reasonable cost. We had the opportunity to test the OnePlus Nord 2, and we’ve listed four reasons we believe you should purchase the device and three reasons you should not buy it.

4 reasons to get the OnePlus Nord 2

Decent performance

The OnePlus Nord 2 packs the most powerful chipset made by MediaTek and is called Dimensity 1200. The company has decided to use the Dimensity 1200 SoC in place of Snapdragon 870 to keep the cost of manufacturing in check. If you’re thinking the reduction in costs could affect how the device performs you’re wrong.


As per our own in-house reviewer Kshitij Pujari Kshitij Pujari, the OnePlus Nord 2 is an “extremely efficient device, regardless of whether it’s performing heavy-duty applications or intense Battlegrounds India (BGMI) gaming.” In our test we observed that the phone delivers speedy and smooth performance for daily tasks and gaming.

If you’re seeking a phone that costs less than the price of Rs. 30,000, but is great in performance, this OnePlus Nord 2 should definitely be on your list. The phone comes with a 12GB RAM and the storage capacity of 256GB that allows the phone to run several apps simultaneously.

Great photography

Although most mid-priced smartphones have an average camera with a resolution of 64MP or 108MP however, this OnePlus Nord 2 packs a higher-quality sensor that is 50MP Sony IMX766. The camera’s performance isn’t anything special. Check out oneplus 9 touch screen price online in India.

However it is worth noting that the OnePlus Nord 2 offers much superior image quality than many of its rivals. According to Kshitij the quality of the images of the OnePlus Nord 2 is “far better than the cost.”


We’ve found in our review that OnePlus Nord 2 offers great quality images in daylight. “With saturation set to an absolute minimum and a low saturating screen, it Nord 2 clicks realistic shots with a strong white balance, which is paired with amazing capability to adjust dynamically,” says Kshitij. As per his assessment, finer details on the photos also are quite clear.

In terms of the 32 MP selfie camera “it uses more sophisticated facial detection and detail as compared to previous OnePlus models,” says Kshitij. 

As per his report, facial features of selfies appear more prominent, and the skin tone matches perfectly. Overall, we could say the OnePlus Nord 2 is quite an impressive camera device at a reasonable cost.

The experience of using software is the most effective

The thing that distinguishes one thing that sets OnePlus Nord 2 (and OnePlus devices generally) above the rest is the user experience. In contrast to the UI adjustments offered by other brands 

The OS based Android OxygenOS 11.3 of OnePlus provides a simple design and is loved by a lot of people. Additionally, there’s minimal bloatware and that’s another reason why users love OxygenOS.


If you’re an individual who prefers an Android phone that provides the best software experience, then the OnePlus Nord 2 is the ideal choice for you in the price range of Rs 30,000. Check out  one plus 9r touch screen price online. It provides a superior user experience that many other phones that are priced similarly do not offer.

Superfast 65W charging

The OnePlus Nord 2 packs a 4500mAh battery. According to Kshitij the phone has met his needs for the day, with 20% – 25 percent of the juice remaining at the close of the day. The best part is the 65W fast charging speed. 

It can charge the battery from 0 to 100 percent in just 30 minutes. Therefore, if you’re needing to get your phone charged then this Warp Charge 65T is likely to give enough juice in just a couple of minutes to meet the duration of your requirements.

Photography in low-light conditions requires improvement

The low-light photography of the OnePlus Nord 2 isn’t as amazing as its daylight images. We noticed that photos made in low-light conditions are prone to blur and poor highlights. But don’t let us down.

It’s true that the OnePlus Nord 2 offers decent images in low light conditions, which is impressive considering the price. However, we believe that OnePlus could have done better.

Mono sensor not very useful

Alongside the main camera that has 50MP and an 8MP ultrawide camera and an 8MP ultrawide lens, the OnePlus Nord 2 also has an additional 2MP monochrome camera in the rear. It’s designed to provide the appearance of monochrome photos. 

However, we have observed that applying an B&W filter on an image captured by the main sensor produces superior results than images taken using a monochrome camera with 2MP.

We believe that OnePlus should have skipped the camera that has a monochrome resolution of 2MP and instead used that money to fund other worthwhile features.

The brightness of the screen could be improved

The OnePlus Nord 2 has a 6.43-inch AMOLED screen with HD+ resolution and 90Hz of refresh. The AMOLED panel has rich black levels. In addition the resolution of full HD makes the content displayed on the screen appear sharp. A 90-Hz rate of refresh improves the user experience with fluidity.

But, the only issue that we were not happy with the display was its brightness that, as per Kshitij it is “slightly lower than what is considered acceptable.” While the display should provide adequate brightness in direct sunlight, we would prefer that the brightness levels were more luminous in particular for the price of the display.