Not many people try to plant vegetable gardens these days, especially in the city. With hectic lifestyles, blocked spaces and pollution, it seems unbelievable that a vegetable garden would survive. The reality is that even if you’re smoking in the middle of a busy metropolis, you’re actually capable of growing them. It is very important that you learn the basics of planting a vegetable garden properly and buying plants online can work.

Preparing the soil

This is one of the most common things any new gardener needs to look out for. Whether you prepare a plot of land to start a vegetable garden or start a vegetable garden in a plant box in your backyard, soil preparation plays an important role in determining whether your vegetable garden will make it. There are three types of dirt you need to be familiar with; sand, clay and silt. Sandy soil is loose and helps the roots of plants to breathe as it allows air to enter easily and you can buy plants online. Clay soil absorbs water quickly and keeps it inside for a long time. A soil makeup that contains a lot of clay particles will be suitable for areas that overheat and the soil dries out quickly. Silt is a fine mixture of sand and clay particles.

Vegetable Garden Layout

There are basically three types of layouts for a vegetable garden.

  • Row Style Layout – This is the most popular style of layout where you can plant seeds or plants in rows. A row can contain seeds of the same type or different seeds. Your research will tell you which types can go together. Choosing this method of layout should leave a wide path of soil between each row so that you can go through the crop to work. This method requires more jumping because weeds grow from roads and walking on them compacts the soil, making it more difficult to dig up and aerate the soil at the end of the growing season.
  • Bed Style Layout – The bed style layout is similar to the rows style but on a smaller scale. This allows access to the plant beds from the periphery of the vegetation zone; This is especially convenient because it avoids having to foot on the bed so the soil doesn’t get compacted. The use of bed layouts maximizes the available space in the garden and as mentioned earlier “raised beds” can also be used for easy gardening.
  • Kitchen Style Layout – This layout is basically a decorative geometric shape that allows you to organize your garden in circles or arrange your plants by colour or type of food. You must decide whether this type of garden layout is practical for your needs.

Warm season crops

They cannot tolerate frost, but instead they need warm climates to thrive. The required temperature can often exceed 70 degrees. Therefore, there is no need to rush them out. Some common examples of warm season crops are brinjal, pepper, maize, tomato etc.

Tender Crop

Like warm season crops, tender crops cannot tolerate frost. These crops also need protection. One thing that differentiates this crop from warm season crops is that it can grow even in cooler temperatures. It can be planted a few weeks before the last frost date.

Cold weather crop

It can tolerate cold and thrive in heavy snow. Some common examples are broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, garlic, onions, etc. Lettuce and spinach also fall into this category. For planting it, the soil has to be stabilized and ploughed. If not then here’s a new product just for you!

After reading this article you can say that planting a vegetable garden is a science and to some extent an art too. Some aspects need to be considered.