Forklift attachments are one of the main pieces of equipment that are used in the industries as a means for transporting various items. In this article, we are going to find out about some of the things that you need to find out about a forklift attachment and then find out whether it bios suitable for meeting any needs in your industry. We will also look at some of the types of forklift attachments in the later stage of the article.

First, we will consider the type of attachments

The model and the variants that can be used are many. You see as we will find out there are some attachments that are specific for carrying and offloading a specific type of equipment.

Let’s begin…

Bale clamp attachment

It is the standard type of attachment that you will find available. It is a standard model and one that can be used to carry various types of equipment and load items. You see this is the reason why you will also find it to be popular in several industries. These are the ones that can be used as an alternative to material handling equipment as well.

Drum clamp attachment

As the name will suggest these are the attachments that you can buy and use for holding drums. When the industries make use of drums that are heavy and bulkier, this is the time when you can use the drum clamp attachment. It can be used for transporting drums, containers, vessels jars, and so on.

Paper clamp attachment

These are the ones that are ideal for lifting heavy paper rolls. It can be used for operating in several conditions such as shifting, loading, stacking, and unloading the paper rolls which are heavy and larger. The paper manufacturing industry is by far the leading user of such types of forklift attachments Sydney.

Hook forklift attachments

Hook forklift attachments are the types of attachments that you can make use of to suspend a load item and then transfer it across the industrial premises. Of course, you will find various types and models and each one has its weight carrying ratings.

Jib attachments

These are the more powerful and durable ones that are used in the construction industry. Generally, you will find the jib-type forklift attachments to be installed on the cranes. These are used for several types of operations mostly carrying the item from one place and then offloading at a particular site. These types of attachments are generally fitted with vehicles that can be used both indoors and outdoors too.

Things you need to consider while buying a forklift attachment-

Type of attachment

There are several types of attachment that can be used in the industry. Some of the most common types have been given above. Some of the specific type attachments include drum clamp attachment, bucket clamp attachment, cartoon clamp attachment, and paper clamp attachment. These are the ones that have been designed to carry one specific type of load item as is suggested by the name of the clamp attachment itself. Make sure that if you do have some specific type of tasks then these forklift attachments can come of handy use. on the other hand if the type of work carried out in your industry is more of general nature then you can consider buying the bale camp attachments.

The maximum load that it can carry safely

Find out the weight carrying ratings of your forklift attachment and do not hastily buy one. Remember that it should be at par with what is the maximum weight carrying requirement of your industry.

Whether you have a multipurpose use attachment

Some of the clamp attachments that you have can be used for multi-purpose jobs. Do check out some of the variants.