University of Worcester (UW)

Founded in 1946, University of Worcester (UW) is a public campus university located in the beautiful town of Worcester – where the vibrant culture of the city and the beauty of the countryside come together to offer the best of both worlds. Here in this article know all about university of Worcester scholarship and admission process for overseas students.

University of Worcester (UW) is a community where students love to live and learn. No matter what lifestyle you are in, Worcester provides an active, safe, friendly and supportive environment where you can grow and learn.

University of Worcester (UW) Campus and Courses

With up to 11,000 students on its campus and a variety of courses available, University of Worcester (UW) is proud to offer a truly inclusive environment where everyone is treated as an individual. The University focuses on helping students achieve their potential and places great emphasis on combining sustainable human values ​​with a true career.

Number of Campus

University of Worcester (UW) consists of nine educational institutions and offers more than 200 undergraduate programs in areas ranging from business, education, health to sports, arts or science.

In 2020, University of Worcester (UW) was shortlisted for the second year of Times University Education as well as for its outstanding contribution to equality, diversity and inclusion.

According to the Higher Education Times Impact Rating, Worcester is one of the UK’s best universities for influence and the highest university in the world to have earned the title of university in the 21st century. The university is also ranked in the top three in the UK in terms of quality education and number one in terms of gender equality.

University of Worcester (UW) Scholarships

The above scholarships offer a kind of financial aid to future students. Please always check for specific requirements and restrictions on scholarship availability.

  • Status – Confidential
  • Research results – high
  • Ratio of students / faculty – 10
  • International students – 2,592
  • Size – S
  • Total faculty – 484

Programs University of Worcester (UW)

This school also offers:

  • PhD Candidates (1) PHDSTUDIES

Admission to University of Worcester (UW) 2022

  • January, May or September

Fee Structure of University of Worcester (UW)

£ 7500-12100 according to your course and number of semesters to move to the next stage.

The Cost-of-living University of Worcester (UW)

The cost of living in UK, which is sometimes called maintenance, includes; housing, food, clothing, books, entertainment and travel in the UK. Under British visas and immigration, the estimated cost of living for an international student in a degree course is estimated at £ 9,135 per year for a 9-month study year (£ 1,015 per month) or £ 12,180 for a full year. These numbers are approximate and vary by lifestyle.

University of Worcester (UW) is ranked No. 1 in the UK and No. 26 in the world for quality education in a new ranking.

According to the Times Higher Education report, which is published today in a new ranking, University of Worcester (UW) in the UK is number one and 26th in the world in terms of quality data.

Worcester also ranked No. 1 in the UK and No. 4 in the world for gender equivalence.