There was much uproar about the resignation of an employee in our organization. She was from the HR department and apparently, she resigned as a protest against the higher authorities. She blamed some of the senior employees for favoritism and unfair behavior. She resigned because she thought peaceful protest is her right. Because of the uproar and social media posts and updates a disciplined committee was made to know about the issues and real causes. A shocking fact was that even some of her close colleagues did not come forward as they thought it would be dangerous for their job. Well, they can’t afford to lose the job, this is the insider news them and the whole issue. 

That incident was enough to shake the whole organization and that’s when we decided to get an employee monitoring app for all the employees. The monitoring in the form of PC spy app and android software is common in the state. As a matter of fact 

  • The use of employee monitoring software has risen more than50% since the pandemic started. The remote working style could have been the real reason behind the higher percentage but in reality, it is equally beneficial for employees working from the office. 

OgyMogy spy app has been chosen as the first choice as they offer both pc spy app version and android monitoring features as well. It has been a smooth ride since then. The rumor about the spy app usage spread real faster than we expected and those people who were the real culprit behind all this came forward. This is the power of remote monitoring. You can catch all the black sheep in the organization. Here is how the OgyMogy pc spy app can help you gain the trust of your employees in simpler ways.

Assure equality:

Equality and equal work and growth opportunities for everyone is the basic right of every human being. As an employer, you have to provide this basic right to your employees. With the use of pc spy app, one can achieve this goal. Monitor the gadget of every single employee remotely at any given time to keep a strict check. 

Discourage Unfair Work Distribution:

Discourage any sort of power abuse or unfair work distribution from the senior employees or higher authorities. With the real-time screen monitoring feature, one can know about the productivity of every employee with timestamp information. 

Catch Any Sloopy Worker:

The camera bug feature is a real deal to catch any sloppy employee. Know the actual clock in and clock out, time of the employee, find out when they leave their seat during office hours. That can help the employer to track the sloppy ones and it will cause a sense of discipline among other team members as well. 

Track Those Who Spoil Team Work Spirit:

Monitor the instant messaging chat app content of the employees and track all those who disturb the overall work environment of the team.

Assure Toxic-Free Environment:

Listen to official and unofficial chats and discussions of the employees and assure a toxic-free environment for everyone. Eliminate any chance of gender or race discrimination among employees with the use of mic big feature. 

Encourage the Good Work:

With a screenshot of the screen activities, encourage all the good work by sharing the screenshots with other employees. This can create a good competitive environment among the employees which ultimately will be a win-win situation for both parties. 

OgyMogy offers Mac versions and Windows versions as pc spy app. All you need to do is follow easy and simple steps and install the app on the target device. Make sure to use the company-owned pc, laptop, tablet, or cellphone for monitoring. As it is illegal to use the spy app in the personal gadget of the employee or to monitor them through their device. Select your favorite bundle, install the app and start tracking. It is a common perception that the employee monitoring apps like OgyMogy are something bad for employees but in reality, it is not. It can be real benefits for both employees and employers if used wisely. Secondly, you have to choose a trustworthy app like the OgyMogy for best results.