What is web dev?

Do you ever wonder what a website is? We all use many websites in a single day. In fact, you must be reading this blog on a website, but have you given a thought to the definition of a website? Maybe you have or maybe not, but you might not be sure of your answer in either case. A website is a place on the internet where a company, organization, etc., puts information that can be found on the World Wide Web.


How are these websites essential to us? Well, the internet has a virtual world within it, and websites represent the human profession. Everyone having any business offline needs to have a website for its better marketing and customer reach. Especially for a product-based industry website are the most important form of trade in covid times. Also, for a user who wants to gather information about anything or any company in specific, the first and foremost step of their search would be finding any official website. Being a part of a website development company in delhi, one can quickly determine its importance for any business to grow.

Types of websites

As we now have a glimpse of what a website is and how significant it is to us, let’s have a look at a few of the types of websites:-

1. E-commerce

An e-commerce website is a virtual store or retail shop where one can find and buy or sell the products based on the website theme, whether it’s an apparel shopping website, real estate, footwear, grocery, or whatever. It increases customer reach by providing a global customer market to your products and increases popularity.

2. Personal website

A personal website could also be called a personal influencing medium to show their brand integrity and value. It gives us the leverage to promote products or content, paid or unpaid. It’s a platform to express one’s emotions. You can surely do all this through social media, but when you talk significantly about personal websites. According to a report, there are 3.2 billion searches on Google per day. That’s because people are looking for solutions to their problems on google rather than on any social media platform.

3. Crowdfunding website 

This is a website for social causes. These websites are used to arrange funds for needy people and other essentials needed during natural calamities. Not just this, crowdfunding websites are also used to collect money for disadvantaged people. This is a website used for noble causes usually operated by NGOs.

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4. Directories

Online directories are essential to improve online connection and availability. One can contact the person by taking information for these websites. It helps you scale your online reach and growth. The more people search for your information, the more development you have done in terms of reach.

5. Information website 

Whenever you get any problem, when you want to do research, make an assignment, collection information on a particular issue, the first thing you do is search for the solution to get all your answers. The sites that serve you with the correct information on the searched topic are known as information websites. They are significant as they provide us with almost every information we need, be it on any topic, science, history, mathematics, etc.

Website Important for Your Business

Why outsource your web dev project to an Indian agency?

Now, as we have discussed the significance of websites, let’s look at why one should approach an Indian agency to develop these websites. Some of them are:-

Silicon Valley of Asia

India is known as the silicon valley of Asia because of its high-tech IT industry. Indians willingly engage the outside world and welcome outsiders in. they explore and innovate new technology and experiment with it.

Many successful tech startups

India has many successful tech startups and more new startups coming every day. They are doing quite well. Getting many projects from countries worldwide and also delivering successfully. More startups give young talent and a variety of options to choose from.

Talent pool

India has quite a large workforce of IT professionals. Young IT professionals with immense talent create new websites and applications all on their own. Also has India has all resources to build efficient technology and provide people with the web development services delhi.

Cost-efficient to the USA

Another important factor is its cost-efficiency. All the Indian-made technologies are way cheaper than that in other countries because of its considerable no. of IT professionals as the no. of workers is more the competition is also more resulting in less costing. The quality of deliverables is also second to none.


At code craft crew, a web development company india, we develop efficient websites for clients, keeping in mind our clients’ needs and target audience. We are a team of talented people working together to build new technologies. We provide the best of services to our clients and deliver them the best results.