YONO or You Only Need One, is a digital banking app launched by the State Bank of India (SBI). Yono aims to be a one-stop solution for banking, lifestyle, insurance, investment, and shopping needs.

YONO is an expert badge in providing all banking services with complete security. It has three-layer security with profile password, transaction password, and OTP for the safety of the transactions.

 It’s simple to activate Yono, a user needs to 

  • Register from the SBI Cards website,
  • Enter SBI Card no & CVV no,
  • Enter OTP, sent on registered mobile no or email ID, to set the SBI user id & password and complete the registration process.

It helps in transferring money to, 

  • one’s own account
  • third party account held in SBI
  • To other bank accounts, using IMPS, NEFT, and RTGS. 

The mode of transfer is wisely selected by YONO based on the amount, time of transfer, and type of beneficiary.

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SBI introduces verification of each user through SIM binding with the YONO app, where a message is pinged from the end user only from the RMN(registered mobile number) to get access to the SBI YONO app.

SB001 Technical error is a temporary technical glitch that leads to a slew of pop-ups. If such an error occurs, the advice is to

  •  reinstall the app and restart the app &
  •  Ensure to delete app cache and cookies before restarting.

 Steps to fix the SIM Binding issue or SB001 Technical error in the YONO app

  • Make sure the device has a good SMS facility 
  • Install the latest version of YONO applications from the Google play store or Apple store 
  • Accept all the permission while installing the SBI YONO application 
  • Ensure the device has a precise time, date, and location. 
  • check  internet & network connectivity 
  • At last, try reinstalling the app to another phone.

When an existing user who has access to internet banking, gets a problem regarding the SIM binding process, the user needs to select the SIM card number with which YONO or INB has been linked and apply the above points.

If users do not have INB or YONO, they can register through the INB interface or by visiting the branch. With an ATM card, the process for  INB registration can be done easily from its official website. It can get registered instantly without even visiting the branch.

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