There is always some element of mistrust between an employer and an employee. No matter how good your boss is or how dedicated you are at work it natural that he will not believe you. When there will be friction between you and your worker’s relationship then it will affect the overall environment of a company and its productivity. There are many apps with the help of which you can get all the information about your work with the click of a button. Because these apps not only help you to see the overall performance of your employee but also help you to decide which one to promote and which one to fire. The pandemic has disturbed all the aspects of life and virtual work is all that most people have to do while staying safe. Remote working has become common in this time where boss and worker have to coordinate online most of the time. Team productivity can be analyzed in these situations by using online monitoring tools. These tools can remove all your worries regarding your business productivity and improvement.

In case you want to know what to look for in software for monitoring employees you must check The OgyMogy.WhatsApp spy app is full of wonderful features that will give you long-term benefits regarding team coordination and work environment. To see the output do just have to get this app, download it, and here you go all your worries are calm now. As the pandemic is going increasingly intense, more and more companies are relying on this type of monitoring.

  • According to a survey done by Robert Half, 60 % of the professionals say that they are happy to use these kinds of apps for monitoring them online and it has benefited them a lot. And they even wanted such kind of hold before the onset of the pandemic.

So, let’s discuss some of the most wanted features of this app.

Read All Individual and Group Chats on Office Owned Device

Read all their chats via WhatsApp messenger and see to whom they are chatting in their work time. Time wastage is considered such a big abuse that it cannot be compensated by anything else. And at the workplace, it is even more essential to focus on your work rather than spending time on social apps. This app provides you with all the necessary information.

Get the List of Contacts

You can get all the required information regarding a list of contacts with this amazing app. This way you can analyze that have added a third party and share your secret conversations and confidential information with them. So, basically, it provides you with the whole list of their contacts that they have added to this social app.

Monitor SMS on the Targeted Device

Many types of harassment and abuses occur through text messages or SMS. It is common practice for some people to tease their staff or coworkers at a workplace. Unfortunately, there are no means most of the time through which they can get caught. But be aware a strong and strict eye is looking for them from now on by this amazing app.

View All Sent and Received Photos and Videos

Get informed about all the sent and received multimedia that includes photos, videos, and voice recordings by using this amazing app. So, get your hand on now what are you waiting for.

Get the Details of Audio and Video Calls

View all the incoming and outgoing calls on their mobiles to see if they are talking to someone during work hours and wasting their time deliberately.

GPS Tracking

Besides tracking all the information regarding this particular social media app, this software also provides the current location of your worker. So, if they are slacking at the workplace and not following the official procedures you can take notice at the spot.

Listen to their Voice Recordings

Voice messages are part of social media nowadays so are voice recordings. With this special app, you can get the records of all the voice recordings of your employee and see if he is faithful to the corporate or not.

Take Screenshots of Every Activity

Screenshots can capture every activity live. By the use of this trendy app, you can take screenshots of the work and see if they are doing work properly or not.

So, employers can choose efficient employees and get rid of the others by using the best spying apps.