Keele University

Located in Staffordshire Village, Keele is world-renowned for its education and research that addresses the world’s most pressing issues. Here in this article you should know what you need to know about Keele University.

Whether it’s continuing to study your favorite subject, broadening your horizons, or improving your professionalism, postgraduate study is the next big step forward. Kiel will be presented to postgraduate students at the top 10 universities in the UK for research opportunities

About Keele University

Keele is a global university. With more than 120 nationalities studying with us, international students are welcomed into our global community.

With special support, scholarships and training courses, we will support you through application, enrollment and beyond.

Postgraduate Study

For graduate students, our rural campus community provides a centralized, appropriate, and mature environment. Also, you will have complete access to our respected academics. You will enjoy an excellent reputation in research.

Postgraduate Study at Keele

We offer trained master’s degrees, such as MSc and MA, in a wide range of disciplines, along with leadership and continuing professional development programs (CPD).

Postgraduate courses

Our postgraduate courses combine advanced level education with, if you choose a full master’s course, a research project and a dissertation under the guidance of your instructor. In most courses you will receive a mix of basic and optional modules so you can tailor your program to your interests.

Types of Postgraduate Education Programs In Keele Are:

Master’s courses 180 credits (120 academic credits and 60 credits for research and original dissertation)

Postgraduate Diploma 120 credits (Postgraduate Diploma is also part of the Master’s program)

Postgraduate certificate at least 60 credits

You will be given one credit for a minimum of 10 hours of study, including lectures, seminars, assignments, project work, and private study.

Kile’s society is diverse and consists of past and present learners from all walks of life. With more than 100,000 alumni in more than 150 countries, our alumni networks include leaders in a range of fields, professions and careers, from directors, political leaders and TV presenters to entrepreneurs, designers and diplomats.

About Keele

Founded in 1949, Kiel University is one of the largest campus universities in the UK, with more than 10,000 students studying on a beautiful 600-acre property in Staffordshire with local NHS partners and around the world. Kile sets the gold standard of education with some of the most satisfied students in the country, and our research seeks to improve the lives and solve pressing problems of our region, country and world.

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